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Live Your Life With…Zine Video Hop

A few months ago I invited 6 other YouTube mixed media artists to collaborate with me on the creation of a zine. If you’re not aware: a zine is a small publication, often or mostly self published, containing poems, fan literature or artwork. In our case it’s artwork.

I invited each of the artists to contribute a piece of art measuring 4″ x 6″ featuring just one word as it’s focal point. Once the artwork had been scanned or photographed I created the artwork file digitally and had the zine professionally printed. I then supplied each person with their own copy of the finished zine.

As I was the originator of the zine I created the front and back pages, which is the image you see above. To see how I created the pages you can watch my process video by clicking the YouTube link below. I have also included a gallery of images of all the other pages inside the zine in order that they appear.

You can also watch all the other artists process videos. Here’s the complete list of videos in the order they appear in the zine minus mine of course!

Gina Ahrens:
Linda Simpson:
Louise Wiseman:
Trisch Rosema:
Hanny Tromp:
Kylie Coo:

I hope that you enjoy this little video hop and enjoy watching the very different approaches to the creation of each page, which is as individual as the person creating them. Please show them some love by thumbing up each video and subscribing to their YouTube channels.

2 thoughts on “Live Your Life With…Zine Video Hop

  1. I noticed the words used as inspiration……. all very positive! Good Zine there Mike. 🙂

  2. Fabulous video Mike! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this Zine hop with all the other talented artists.
    Linda xxx

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