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Mixed Media Art Tag – Use Your Wings

My project for today was to use up some of the Botanicals ephemera from a Tim Holtz set that I have in my stash and I was in the mood to create something a little bit vintage and a bit shabby chic…but not too much! So I decide to create a mixed media tag in my large tag journal.

To watch how I created this project from start to finish in real time simply click the image below.

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5 thoughts on “Mixed Media Art Tag – Use Your Wings

  1. Love this new tag. I have been watching your videos for a while and they are vey helpful and inspiring. I have gotten many tips to use in my art. Also love the daily comings and goings. I particularly love Mr. Bently. If he lived closer, I could give him a treat!

    1. Thanks Sue, I’m sure Mr B would have loved that!! XO

  2. Fabulous Mike, love the video and enjoyed your process.
    Linda xxx

  3. Hey Mike – I’ve been going back and watching some videos I didn’t have time for when they first came out. Viewing several back to back made me realize something cool! I’ve learned so much from you over the past few years, almost by osmosis, that I’m often thinking a step ahead and anticipating what you’re going to do. Like in this “Use Your Wings” tutorial…in the beginning you commented that you didn’t like the shininess of the ephemera. Immediately I thought “I wonder if a thin coat of clear gesso would help.” And of course that’s what you did later in the clip! You’ve taught us well! Also, I’ve even gotten to know your routines well from being a dedicated viewer…like when your blending tool was shedding little bits of sponge, my thought was “oh, blow those away.” And then you did that! Just a fun little observation! Rock on!

    1. That’s so you’ll be completing my…XO

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