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“Snippits” Artist Trading Coins

I thought I’d try my hand at creating some mini mixed media artist trading coins, which seem to be all the rage at the moment. So I dusted off my 140lb (300gsm) watercolour cardstock and got busy with the paint and brayer!

Click below to watch how I created mine from start to finish in real time.

The AT Coin back PDF digi download is now available to purchase on my website, for more info click the image below.


2 thoughts on ““Snippits” Artist Trading Coins

  1. Great tutorial, Mike! I must be behind the times…this is the first I’ve heard of “Artist Trading Coins.” When I first started making ATC’s, I found it challenging to work so small, but got used to it and love making trading cards now. The coins will be a fun new exercise in creating tiny art. I cracked up as you named all the paper dolls as you glued them down, especially when you got to Kanye and Beyonce!

  2. A great tutorial. I was lost for something different to do but having watched you video I have now got my enthusiasm back and really want to have a go at AT Circles. Thank you Mike.

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