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WW2 Evacuee’s Suitcase Wizarding Restoration

Today I have a little bit of a different project I want to complete in this video!

I’m restoring and repurposing an old children’s WW2 evacuee suitcase with a little magic school twist! I’ve had this little suitcase for almost 3 years and thought it was about time I did what I bought it originally. Click below to watch from start to finish!

Click to watch.

1 thought on “WW2 Evacuee’s Suitcase Wizarding Restoration

  1. How wonderful that you have that small suitcase…..I can imagine a child off to the farm
    for vacation….Great that you choose HOGWART”S for the inside and front….and by the
    way….the repair job was perfect…
    Thanks for sharing this one.

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