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Day 1 – 7 Days of Halloween 2020 – “Whodoo that Voodoo?” Circle Art Journal Page.

Welcome to Day 1 of my brand new Halloween series for 2020. The project for Day 1 also falls on the same day as our Mission: Inspiration October Facebook challenge, so I’lll be combining the two events!

The Mission: Inspiration challenge for October traditionally has had two sets of challenge prompts – one which is seasonal and the other which has always been an optional Halloween theme!

Of course I’ll be tackling the Halloween themed challenge in my circle art journal for my Day 1. The Halloween prompt card for October is below. Click to view a larger version of the prompt card.

Mission: Inspiration Spooky Version 2

To check our my full start to finish process video, click the YouTube link below!

Click to watch. You know you want to!

If you’d like to join us over in our Mission: Inspiration Facebook group, simply click the link below!

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Day 7 – 7 Days of Halloween, 2019

For my final day on my 7 Days of Halloween series for 2019 I wanted to do something a little more creepy than my usual projects, which for the most part have been cute/creepy! So to do that I picked one of the creepiest characters there is…

Pennywise The Clown

To watch how I drew, then painted my art journal page click the YouTube link below!

Click to watch on YouTube