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Day 7 – 7 Days of Halloween, 2019

For my final day on my 7 Days of Halloween series for 2019 I wanted to do something a little more creepy than my usual projects, which for the most part have been cute/creepy! So to do that I picked one of the creepiest characters there is…

Pennywise The Clown

To watch how I drew, then painted my art journal page click the YouTube link below!

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Experimental Painting Practice – Eye Study

Today I wanted to experiment with painting an eye with acrylic paints. It’s something I’ve never really tried to do before but it’s been nagging in the back of my head to give it a try over the past few to silence the nagging I gave it a go.

Ok, it’s not photo-realistic, but I think it’s not bad considering it’s my first attempt!

Click below to watch my process…

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Day 4 – 7 Days of Christmas 2017 – Santa Christmas

For Day 4 of my 7 Days of Christmas series for 2017 I decided to paint a stylised acrylic painting featuring the man in red! I’m not an expert painter by all means but thought it would be fun to have a go nonetheless!

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