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Love Is…Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Whimsical Face Practice

More practice with drawing & painting whimsical faces and this time a full whimsical body too! This time I’ve scanned and printed the sketch into my computer, then cleaned it up, enlarged it and turned it into a transparent background PNG file. Of course I’ve made it available as a download on my website, simply click the image below for more information.

Available as a digi-stamp download!
Click above to watch my full creative process from start to finish on my YouTube channel!
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Art Journal Page – “She Wanted No Reminder…”

There being nothing on the TV on Sunday afternoon (again) and as I was all alone (apart from Mr Bentley that is!), I decided to seek refuge and entertainment in my art room.

I was also in a vintage kind of mood. I had the urge to create something with muted neutral hues and a vintage cluster style art journal page was just the thing to take my mind off things. It was a fun double page spread to put together and I like the fact that you have a double whammy of the focal points and the way the large one vanishes into the background or looks like she’s emerging from the background depending on your point of view!

To watch the whole creation process of the art journal page spread, simply click on the YouTube link below!

Click to watch!
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“Anywhere” Mixed Media Art Journal Page Play

Today I’m having an intuitive play with my new Mid Mod #1 stamp set. I wanted to play with two of the stamps in particular with a warm colour palette and with some new DecoArt Americana acrylic paints I’ve recently purchased.

It turned out OK – given that there were some problems with the stamping due to the irregular surface of the paper once I’d added the background colours! Lessons learned there today – so not a day wasted!

If you’d like to watch my entire creation process from start to finish – click the YouTube link below!

Click to watch!
Click for more info on the Mid Mod 1 (or Mid Mod 2) stamp set!