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Circle Art Journal Page – Dreamland

Sometimes you find an image that just speaks volumes as far as creating an art journal page. For me, as soon as I spotted this beauty, I knew exactly what I wanted to create.

The colours are so soft and subtle that no thought was needed for how to create the background. The only thing that came later was the addition of the sequins for a little stardust! Click the YouTube image below to watch how this art journal page was created from start to finish.

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Circle Art Journal Page – Free Lunch

I was feeling in a whimsical mood and wanted to play with a new food catalogue I’d picked up from an up-market food store here in the UK. I knew I wanted to incorporate food elements into the page, then when I searched my digi file stash I came across the perfect images to go with it!

Click below to watch the whole creation process from start to finish of my art journal page.

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Mission Inspiration – July 2017 – No Fun in Perfection

I always love the start of a new month as it means we have a new Mission over at the Mission:Inspiration Facebook group. This month the prompts have been kindly supplied by Trisch Rosema from South Africa. Trisch has put together a great set of steps, colour scheme and some great words for inspiration that will give people a lot of scope for creating one or more art journal pages. To join the fun over in the Facebook group, click the link image below and ask to join.

My art journal page offering based on Trisch’s prompts can bee seen above, but if you’d like to watch the whole process of creation from start to finish you can click the YouTube link below. Please give the video a thumbs up, share with your friends on social media if you’d like and if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel you can do so by clicking the subscribe button on the page or at the end of the video.

I look forward to seeing what you all create throughout July!

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Circle Art Journal Page – Time

I was feeling in the mood to create a vintage, steampunky styled art journal page and what better place to do it than in my small circle art journal. I used my laser printer to print the main focal images as I didn’t want to smudge the images when adding colour and this also made it easier to resize the images to fit to the right size of my circle journal page.

I have filmed the entire process of the creation of the art journal page from start to finish, which you can watch by clicking the YouTube image below.

I hope you enjoy the video as much I enjoyed creating this page.