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YouTube Video Hop – ArtsyTrio – Moodboard#1

Today I’m taking part in a brand new YouTube art collaboration with YouTube artists Gina B Ahrens and Bea Grob. I’ve curated an October Moodboard#1 for us all to take inspiration from and to create an art project of our choosing! See below.

Click to view a larger version.

You are also invited to play along by joining us in our new joint Facebook group. You can join us and share your Moodboard inspired creations by clicking the Facebook link below.

If you’d like to see how I created my Moodboard inspired art journal page, you can watch my whole creation process from start to finish by clicking the YouTube link below to my channel. There you will also find links to both Gina & Bea’s YouTube channels.

Click above to view the creation process of this project from start to finish over on my YouTube channel.

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March Collabness Q&A with Sam from KissMyCreative

In this video, Sam from KissMyCreative pops in for a Q&A and to give me 5 prompts for a mixed media challenge. Listen in on our conversation and see what I create using the 5 prompts she gives me (no spoilers!). Don’t forget that I do the same for her and you can see what she does and what I ask her, over on her YT Channel.

Click to listen to our conversation and watch what I create!

Sam’s Channel: