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“Vignettes” – Gel Plate Artist Postcards & Trading Cards

After recently using my Gel plate for the first time in ages, I thought I’d have another play and create some Artist Postcards & Trading Cards using the Gel plate for my layered and textured backgrounds. Click below to watch how I created the postcards & trading cards from start to finish.

Click to watch on YouTube.

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Gel Plate Resist Image Transfer Experiments with Laser Prints

This gel plate resist image transfer techniques experiment was inspired by the videos I have recently watched by Shannon Green & Shel C who did their own extensive experiments with preprinted glossy magazine pages.

Today, I’m experimenting with the gel plate resist image transfer technique, but instead of using preprinted glossy magazine images, I’m printing my own high contrast images at home on my laser printer to see it they also transfer like the pre-printed glossy ones! Click below to watch my experiments.

Click above to watch on YouTube.