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Book of Spells Handmade Journal Flip

I lost a lot of data files when we were burgled back in August, including all of my signature and graphics files I used for making my journals.

So over the past few weeks, I’ve been slowly recreating some of them and getting back into the swing of making some journals. Some I’ve created as commissions and this one I created just for the sheer fun of making it.

It helped me so much to get back into practice! It was so much fun to do the research and to build and I hope you enjoy watching the flip through of the pages and ephemera.

All of the ephemera printables were curated from websites that were free to download, such as and some from official Warner Bros websites. To watch the flip through click the YouTube link below.

If you’re interested in purchasing this unique one of a kind handmade journal, it can be found [HERE].


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Handmade Sunflower Journal Flip Through

This is the handmade sunflower journal I started to make a while back, I originally showed the cover being made in a vlog a few weeks back.

I finished making it just over a week ago and I was going to show the journal flip through in a video last week, but the footage that I filmed was on the computer that was stolen in the recent burglary.

I re-filmed it and now here’s the cover to cover flip through. Click below to watch in glorious HD!

The sunflower ephemera digi download is available now, click the image below to view.