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About my label maker…

I’ve been asked many times about the label maker that I use to add quotes and phrases to my art journal projects. I find using it a really quick and effective way to add words and graphics to a project without having to mess around with individual letter or alphabet stamps and inks or the torturous hand done lettering that I’m never ever happy with!

For me it’s an important and in my humble opinion, inexpensive piece of equipment that has multiple craft/art room applications, not only for my art projects but also for organising my art supplies and resources.

There are many different models of label maker, but the one that I have and favour is a middle of the road model that didn’t break the bank. The label cartridge refills in my opinion are also inexpensive and can be purchased in different colours if you’re feeling the need!

I’ve located the same model that I own on Amazon UK and Amazon USA, without testing them both however I can’t be 100% sure that they’re the same thing.

These are Amazon affiliate linked so any purchases made using these links may result in a small (very small) commission for me which goes towards funding my website & YouTube channel.

Amazon USAmazon UK/Euro