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More signature sheet designs for your lap books!

Being almost snowed in today, I set to work creating two new sets of signature inserts for the 5″x8″ lap books. The 1st Steampunk set I couldn’t choose just 4 designs so instead added 6 – well 5 and one sheet of lined paper. I printed all 6, then printed just page 6 on the backs of all the others…makes a great set! Click below for more info.

For the 2nd set below I created some Victorian styled frames and borders on the same paper texture background as the 1st – only a little lighter in shade. You can either print all 4 designs at once or multiples of your favourite design for each signature..makes a great addition. Click below for more info.

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Creating Flip Out pages in my 5×8 Lapbook Journal

Today, I’m creating and decorating a double-sided flip out page in my 5×8 lapbook journal. The final project video in my lapbook series, unless I’ve forgotten how to show you something!

To see how I create and decorate the flip out pages, click the YouTube link below to see the process from start to finish.

If you’ve missed any of the other videos in my Lapbbok series – please visit my YouTube channel and click on the Lapbook & Journal Making Playlist or you can click on the link here:


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Adding Midori Style Pages in my 5″ x 8″ Lapbook

One of the final stages in my lapbook is to add some Midori style note pages using just 2mm elastic bands to hold them in place. No hole punching or stitching required in this easy to add section of my 5″ x 8″ lapbook. Click below to watch how I do it!

Please remember to give the video a thumbs up, share with your friends and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already done so. The floral and botanical style page digi download can be found by clicking the image below!

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Stitching Signatures into my 5×8 Lapbook.

Today I’m playing in my 5″x8″ lap book again, this time I’m stitching in three 16 page signatures using a basic 3 hole pamphlet stitch. As the spine of my lap book is quite sturdy I don’t think it warrants a more complicated stitch to hold in the signatures. Once they’re all in place I’ll have 48 pages to use as a notebook or planner.

To position and make sure I get the holes in the right place I created an easy to use template, which you can download and keep for free! Click Here ==> dots

To watch how I stitched in the signatures from start to finish in real time, click the YouTube link below.

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