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Steampunk Tuesday with Ian – Flickering Mood Light

In today’s Steampunk Tuesday, Ian is showing us how to create the flickering mood light he previewed in one of our weekly vlog posts a few months ago! Now you get to see how it was created from start to finish! Click below to watch!

If you’d like to purchase either the flickering mood LEDs, faux dials/gauges or one of the completed machines, please visit Ian’s website by clicking the link below.

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“Tempus Fugit” – Steampunk Tuesday Surprise Project with Ian

The original project that Ian was going to do on Tuesday had to be delayed due to the late arrival of printer ink and the late delivery of a brand new laser printer!

Instead of the planned project, Ian decided he was going to create a surprise Steampunk assemblage piece from scratch using bits and bobs of “Objets Trouvé” from his workshop. Click below to see what he’s created/invented! It’s a fairly long video at approx 1hr 30mins, so grab a beverage and get comfortable!

Click to watch on YouTube!
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Day 6 – 7 Days of Steampunk – Wearable Machine Build with Ian

In the 6th day of my 7 Days of Steampunk series, Ian sits in the hot seat one final time and shows you how he builds his small wearable steampunk devices. Click the YouTube link below to watch! You can also find the link to Ian’s website by clicking the link above this post or by clicking the button below the video link.

Click to Watch!
Click to visit Ian’s website!