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Whimsical Face Drawing Practice

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to practice drawing whimsical faces, so decided to purchase the Beautiful Faces book by Jane Davenport as a way of finding the right style of drawing that I will find easy to do, use and include in my art journal page projects in the future.

The book dropped on my doormat a few days ago and I set to “work” practising and getting used to drawing face shapes that I found pleasing and also practising like crazy on getting the right facial features in the right places and also in the right proportions. After a few days and lots of aching fingers (no pain, no gain!!) I started to get the results I was hoping for! Practice does, indeed, make perfect – or in my case makes adequate!

So, today (Saturday 27th) I decided to commit myself into drawing a face in my new Ragtime 6×6 journal. So for better , or worse, here are the results.

Click to watch!

You have to remember that the cotton rag paper does not have a smooth surface, so you do get to see the texture of the paper underneath!