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Art Journal Flip Through No2

As 2017 draws to a close it’s time for a little retrospective flip through of my 2nd art journal from 2015 – this time it’s my small Strathmore mixed media journal.

Click below to watch my cover to cover flip through!

4 thoughts on “Art Journal Flip Through No2

  1. Very nice, I enjoyed this. I especially like the quote about the labourer/craftsman/artist and the post-it notes about “dare to be different”!

  2. Lovely to revisit these again Mike as they were the first journal pages I watched in 2015. How time flies!

  3. This looks interesting, will have a look later!
    Linda xxx

  4. hi Mike
    Thanks for the flip through. I really enjoy them, and the fact you can still remember the supplies – amazing! Please do more. I always look forward to your videos. Have even art journaled along with you a few times. Thanks!
    Merry Christmas to you, Ian and Mr. Bentley

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