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That Was The Week That Was…#2

My weekly round up of happenings and maybe not so exciting goings on for the week of Feb 12th to Feb 18th!

9 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was…#2

  1. Your vlogs are so enjoyable! I especially enjoy the glimpses of English scenery. πŸ™‚

    Some feedback about the release of your stencils: I appreciate your desire not to overwhelm people with new product. As someone from the other side of the pond, though, I’d want to order more than one stencil at a time to hold down postage costs. Just something to consider … not sure how many of your customers are in the US.

    1. Thanks Kim, I’ll bear that in mind when I come to release my next few stencils!

  2. My new favorite thing on the Internet!! Thank you for sharing snippets of your life, Mike!

  3. I agree with Kim about the postage, being also from the “other side of the pond”! Lol
    A little disappointed though, was going to finally get some of your stencils but they’re already sold out! When do you expect to have them back in stock?? Love the new vlog!! Love watching, except the driving – weird you’re on the wrong side of the road!!! Hahaha! Keep them coming!! Hi to Ian and Mr. Bently!

  4. Great video and lovely to see snippets of what happens during the week.
    Linda xxx

  5. Hi Mike,
    Well, You Tube still won’t let me post on your videos so can I post here to apologise to Mr Bentley for getting his breed wrong. Before I wrote my message I had to stop and think about it but told myself he was too tall to be a whippet…for some reason I have a mental image of a really small dog, tail tucked between its legs and shivering every time I think about whippets, which is why I called him a greyhound. Profuse apologies to you, Ian and Mr Bentley for getting it so wrong. I hope I didn’t offend as I do think I love him πŸ™‚
    Bejay xx

    1. Bejay, we’re not offended at all, Mr B is big for a whippet and lots of people think he’s a greyhound, so you’re not alone! XO

      1. πŸ™‚

  6. Enjoyed your Week That Was. Your Furthermore hearts corrigated cardboard hearts video inspired me to make a page in my art journal. First time that’s ever happened. Your Spread Your Wings video and your stencil of the face looking at planet earth are also inspiring videos. From Oklahoma USA.

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