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That Was The Week That Was #40

Christmas shopping, sponsorship deals, visits to the parents, doggy play dates, steampunk Cybermen helmets and domestic chores are all in this week’s that was the week that was Nov 13th to 19th 2017.

Click the YouTube link below to watch my week!

7 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was #40

  1. Hi Mike,

    I have what might be a silly question: what is your day job?


    1. Hi Lori – I’m a graphic designer, print and online. Mx

      1. Ah, well, that makes sense, given your outstanding design sensibilities!

        1. Not sure what part of the vlog your comment relates to, but, thank you? Xo

          1. I was saying it makes sense that you’re a graphic designer. (You had replied to my question about your day job.)

          2. Ah now I understand ;o)

  2. Love your Cyberman Helmet it is AMAZING!
    Linda xxx

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