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That Was The Week That Was…#1

A weekly roundup of thoughts, musings and minor stuff that happened in my life from 5th Feb to 11th Feb 2017. Click image above to view! If you’d like me to make this a sort of semi regular thing…let  me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was…#1

  1. Mike – I love, love, loved this!! Enjoyed the little glimpse into your daily life and seeing more of Mr. Bentley. Great job on the stencils – I’m a stencil junkie. And it was fun to see your neighborhood when you were out for walks or drives. If it’s not too time consuming for you to record and edit, this feature would be something I’d look forward to seeing! -CAL

    1. Thanks Cal, my life isn’t that interesting outside of my craft room, but at least I can share that little happy place! XO

  2. This was brilliant and a great insight into how you spend your week.
    Linda xxx

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