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Vlog – That Was The Week That Was #16/18

A week of driving back and forth to Mum & Dad’s – long hospital visits and catching up on sunshine, plus the first big doggy play in the park of 2018! Click below to watch my week!

1 thought on “Vlog – That Was The Week That Was #16/18

  1. I started writing down my thoughts, somewhat in journal form, because I had a difficult decision to make..
    Soon there was multi- colored script and doodles and drawings on my pages.
    I started watching you tube videos, and stumbled onto your videos!
    I like them very much and have learned SO many things as I watch, I feel like I could almost make something creative!
    Thank you so much for presenting your work in such a fun and engaging way! You are a good teacher! I really enjoy all your videos!
    From Diane Brunner
    Greeley, Colorado USA

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