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VLOG – Week 3 – November, 2019

A week of continuing domesticity, shopping, mini Christmas craft hauls & putting together flat packed furniture, plus Ian visits the National Space Centre in Leicester! Click below to watch our week!

Click to watch!

1 thought on “VLOG – Week 3 – November, 2019

  1. Mike, I love your art work and your vlogs. I so admire your relationship with Ian, your parents and of course your wonderful dog. I live in Aiken SC, USA. I was raised here, and returned, after 15 years in Norfolk VA, and 20 years in the gorgeous Western WA state, living in four different towns around the Puget Sound. I’ve been back in SC for 20 years, but still miss my heart home. I moved back to help my parents trough their last six years of life.

    I have serious, chronic back pain; but I’m still able to live independently. Your YouTube channel was one of the first multi-media, paper craft shows I watched. I have been gathering materials for a couple years and hope to begin my own art work soon. I hope to make journals and cards for my sisters, nieces, great nieces and nephews, and my friends.

    You are so much fun to watch. You are an inspiration. You and your wonderful talent, along with Ian, your parents and your pup, have provided me with many hours of enjoyment, entertainment, and an appreciation of your country, your occupation and your love of art.

    Thank you for sharing your life and art. I certainly hope that your reheumatoid artheritis never prevents you from doing all that you love.

    Alice Sullivan

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