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Weekly Vlog – September 2021 – WK#2.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my blog question yesterday. I never realised so many of you went from the email link direct to my YouTube channel. I just assumed (incorrectly as it turned out) that you all received notifications from YouTube when I uploaded a new video! Who knew?

So on to this week’s That Was The Week That Was and an update on Dad’s stroke.

In this week’s vlog…There’s a lot of driving around, going to and from the hospital and driving over to Mum & Dad’s house as Dad slowly recovers from his stroke…plus a little domestic & garden stuff that still needs to be done! Click below to watch my week.

Click to watch my week on my YouTube channel.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog – September 2021 – WK#2.

  1. Mike, I have to say that none of the YouTube channels I subscribe to send me updates when new videos are posted so I have to remember that one comes out on a Sunday at noon (Nova Scotia time), one comes out on a Friday and you send emails. Something must be broken in the system, or it could be that YouTube just doesn’t like me lol.

    1. Sometimes it helps to unsubscribe and then resubscribe and make sure you hit the bell icon to get all notifications. Mx

      1. I’ll give that a try, Mike x

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